​Real Estate

​Unique Perspectives

​Drone real estate photos and video are unique and offer a cool & interesting perspective and are especially appealing ​in displaying larger properties.

More Than Just Aerials

​Drone imagery can be used to show so much more than just an aerial view of a  building's exterior. Drones can take unusual angled shots, fly through spaces in and around the property and even show ​neighboring areas to illustrate the property's relationship to its surroundings.

Here are a few different applications of drone use:

  • ​Commercial Real Estate
  • ​Property Management
  • ​Insurance Inspections
  • ​Architectural & Engineering
  • ​Residential Real Estate

Budget Friendly

Before drones became accessible for commercial use in 2016, aerial photos of properties were limited to either grainy satellite images or those taken by airplanes or helicopters, which got pricey. 

But now with drones it’s so much more affordable, you have more options, and they can be used for practically any size or type of property.

​Footage for investors

A lot of times when investors look at a property, they don’t really see where their money is going because it can be hard to visualize what the entire property looks like. ​With drone video and photos it becomes ​pretty transparent.

​Not only is it important to show investors where their money is going, ​but also show the potential for future improvement.

Drone videos and photos are an exciting way to highlight the best features of your property, including beautiful exteriors, sprawling yards, and scenic views.

I have the ​vision to provide this service at a considerably lower cost than the alternatives.

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