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​My oil & gas drone services offer flexible and cost-effective ways to monitor pipeline right-of-ways, inspect well sites, or manage other oil & gas assets efficiently.

Traditional Methods

Traditional methods of inspecting oil & gas assets are time-intensive and possibly dangerous. Either teams of roustabouts, engineers, and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) professionals drive from asset to asset, or walk pipelines, and take notes on a clipboard or mobile device. 

In some instances, helicopters move inspection to the air, introducing safety risks, while lacking the agility to navigate complex assets and dangerous terrain.

​Drone Applications

​Drones offer​ a far more efficient way to accomplish ​tasks from 360 degrees than somebody on the ground or in a helicopter with a camera. Here are some examples of drone use ​in the oil & gas industry:

  • ​Upstream

Surveying, Mapping & Corrosion Detection

  • ​Midstream

​Pipeline Inspection, Construction Progress Monitoring & detecting Leakages

  • ​Downstream

​​Pipeline Inspection & Facility Surveillance

Value Added Utilization

Reduced personnel intervention, accurate risk assessment, and significant cost savings renders drones as the technology of choice for the oil & gas industry.

I can even provide live, high-definition video, transmitted back to the ground, where ​you can watch a flare stack as it is operating, ​moving the drone ​around to get a better image or different angle. Thus avoiding an unnecessary shutdown of equipment.

I have the equipment, ​expertise, and skills to provide this service in a timely manner and at a considerably lower cost than the alternatives. 

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Do You Still Have Questions?

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