​Flexible & Maneuverable

​My drone services provide the media flexibility to reach inaccessible areas and provide multiple points and angles of view of newsworthy events. They’re also safer and more cost effective than other alternatives in collecting news.


​Live Stream & Night time Video

​Drones can capture and live stream video to base stations widening the scope of eyewitness accounts by accessing places that are too difficult or dangerous for ​photojournalists with hand held cameras. 

Use of infra-red cameras, sensors and LED lighting can allow audio and video recordings at night time, another major step up in information collection capabilities for ​news gathering.

​This ability to provide consumers with unique real-time or night-time video content can prove to be a game changer. 

​Drone Panoramas

Drones also have the capability to capture panoramic views of affected areas during floods, forest fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. These kinds of remarkable aerial news shots reveal the magnitude of the devastating scale of natural disasters.



​Drones can be used to report many newsworthy events. Some of the most common ones include:

  • ​Local News
  • ​Crime Reporting
  • ​Front line Exploration
  • ​Sport​ing Events
  • ​Natural Disasters
  • ​Concerts, Events & festivals
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Do You Still Have Questions?

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