​Disaster ​Assessment

​Drones are ​useful when emergency relief workers find it difficult or dangerous to assess buildings with structural damage from natural disasters. 

Many times ​relief workers come across buildings that are on the verge of collapsing, or face potential explosions due to chemical leaks, or places that are hard to access such as tunnels and bridges. Drones can be used quickly and effectively to locate survivors.

​Cheaper Reconnaissance

​Drones ​can travel to remote areas for reconnaissance and survey, and send back critical information to search and rescue crews, who can then take appropriate action at a fraction of the time and cost of the alternatives.

​Tool for First Responders

​Drones ​are a great tool for first responders, ​search & rescue teams, and law enforcement. Here are some examples of drone capabilities ​in emergencies:

  • ​see through smoke to assist in firefighting
  • ​find missing persons much faster
  • ​aid police in search for suspects

​The Future is here

​The current usage of drones serves as a great foundation for future innovative responses to emergency management and natural disasters. With the emergence of 5G connectivity, Visual Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and other technologies, drones are but one part of a greater analytical tool-set.

​Drones have delivered proven results in emergency management​. Moving forward, the combination of less stringent FAA regulations and advanced ​drone applications will propel efficient emergency management to new heights.

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